My Services

Mobile One-on-One Training and Behaviour Consulting

You would like me to support you and your animal companion(s) with harmonious training in your familiar surroundings?

Appreciative Communication

Humans and non-human animals alike learn best, when they feel at ease. Creating a safe learning environment where no-one needs to be afraid of making mistakes as well as teaching with a dash of humour are very important to me.

I won't rush

I want you to enjoy the lesson. With a flexible mix of practical training, dry practice and explanations of the theoretical background, you will be able to develop your skills in the best way possible and your animal gets enough breaks.

  • Prior Consultation (per phone, chat or in person)
  • Training lesson on site
  • Wrap-up with "homework" and joint development of a trainingsplan for the near future.
  • Support per phone, email or messenger between lessons
  • Rate for 30 min: 30 €
  • Rate for 60 min: 60 €
  • additional lump-sum for travel expenses: 0,50 € per travelled kilometer - die first 10 km from 1030 Vienna are free of charge. I do my best to combine appointments within the same region in order so fairly split travel costs between clients.
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Learn new skills in the most comfortable way:

Zuckerbrot-Online Courses make it possible.

  • Learn in your own time
  • High-quality talks and videos
  • Well-structured course outlines
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Video-Coaching and/or Telephone Consultations

You would like tailor-made advice and cost-effective support with a certain topic - or maybe you just need a few hints to perfect your training?

Individual Solutions for unique Challenges

We will figure out how you can reach your personal training goals in a personal conversation, and if you'd like, we will draft a training plan for the time being.

Sustained Successs through Video Analyses

If you could record yourself while training, I can give you individual feedback and tangible advice on how to improve your training without me being there in person.

  • Fee for telephone or online coaching (e.g. via Zoom, Whatsapp or landline): 1.00 € per minute
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Individual Workshops and Clinics

You would like to dive deeper into a specific topic? Gaining loads of practical training experience sounds amazing?

Tailor-made Training Experience

If two or more people are interested, I can offer individual workshops according to your wishes. A workshop or clinic offers the advantage of learning from and with each other because everybody will be actively training and watching others do so.

Advantages for all Learners

We have enough time for more in-depth training discussions and for dry practice between our practical training sessons. Like this we make sure to have enough breaks for our animals while being able to talk through all open questions in our own time.

Let's create the structure and the contents of our our event together. Prices on request depending on the duration and number of participants.

You can find already fixed workshop dates under "News".

  • Joint theory lessons for all participants.
  • Practical training sessions one-on-one or in small groups.
  • Wrap-up with "homework" and the development of a training plan, so you'll know how to proceed when I'm gone.
  • Support per phone, mail or messenger even after our workshop
  • Pricing depends on your individual request. Please don't be afraid to ask - we'll find a way. 🙂
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